FAO: The EU has a role in Africa’s agriculture mechanisation

The involvement of the European private sector in the mechanisation of Africa’s agriculture, currently dominated by China, will open up the market and help farmers make quality choices, FAO’s Josef Kienzle said in an interview with EurActiv.com.

(c) EurActiv I 15.07.2016

Turf war behind Boris Johnson’s shock new job

The UK’s Foreign Office has been losing influence for years. Now it’s headed by the least experienced foreign secretary in decades.

(c) Politico I 15.07.2016

World leaders condemn Nice attack, call it ‘cowardly’

Sympathy and condemnation for the Bastille Day attack in Nice dominated the opening of an Asia Europe summit in Mongolia today (15 July), drawing attention away from Beijing’s rejection of a tribunal ruling dismissing its extensive South China Sea claims.

(c) EurActiv I 15.07.2016

Russia offers to fly warplanes more safely over Baltics

Moscow offered to fly its jets over the Baltic region with their transponders engaged, an apparent concession to NATO powers who accuse Russia's air force of endangering aviation by turning off the devices that allow them to be detected by ground radar.

(c) Reuters I 14.07.2016

Talking around the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh

Unless diplomacy produces tangible results, an escalation similar or more serious than the four-day war in April cannot be ruled out, writes Stratfor.

(c) EurActiv I 14.07.2016

Stoltenberg says no ‘meeting of minds’ at NATO-Russia Council

NATO and Russia failed to overcome deep differences over Ukraine yesterday (13 July) in their first talks since the alliance approved a troop boost in Eastern Europe, alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said.

(c) EurActiv I 14.07.2016

Opinion - The idealistic pull of the ‘Anglosphere’

Eurasianism and the Anglosphere offer two former empires, both of which agonize about whether they are European, a way to reconnect with their imperial past and redefine globalization in a way that suits them.

(c) Politico I 13.07.2016

South China Sea ruling looms large over EU-China summit

China will not accept any actions based on the decision yesterday (12 July) by the South China Sea arbitral tribunal, according to its president, and premier. They made the remarks while meeting with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Beijing.

(c) EurActiv I 13.07.2016

EU says Israel's new NGO law risks 'undermining values'

The European Union said on Tuesday an Israeli law targeting foreign-funded NGOs risked undermining democracy and free speech, and a leading Israeli rights group said it would appeal the legislation in the Supreme Court.

(c) Reuters I 12.07.2016

Europe's oil imports 'dependent on unstable countries'

Oil from geopolitically unstable regions such as Russia, Libya and Iraq accounts for 80% of Europe’s imports, report shows.

(c) The Guardian I 12.07.2016


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