Nato chief unveils new plan for eastern Europe

A summit in Minsk on Tuesday (26 August) failed to produce a breakthrough on the Ukraine conflict, while Nato announced a bold new plan for eastern Europe.

(c) EUobserver | 27.08.2014

Official report: Russia is a threat to Bulgaria

Russian propaganda, especially via Bulgarian political and economic personalities, and the media, puts the economic and energy security of the country to the test, and undermines its defence capacities, a report published on the website of the Bulgarian defence ministry says.

(c) EurActiv | 27.08.2014

Putin and Poroshenko shake hands, but discord prevails

The meeting between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko in Minsk Tuesday (26 August) will be remembered by their handshake. But there was no sign of progress on the fundamental point of disagreement: Ukraine's charges that Moscow is sending arms and fighters to help Ukrainian rebels, and Russia's adamant denials.

(c) EurActiv | 27.08.2014

Russians, Chinese keen to buy EU passports from Malta

Russians, Chinese, and people from the Middle East have shown the most interest in Malta's sale of EU passports so far.

(c) EUobserver | 26.08.2014

Little chance to end fighting, as Putin and Poroshenko prepare for Minsk meeting

Divided by mistrust and mutual recrimination, the Russian and Ukrainian leaders will hold rare talks today (26 August) that offer only a slim hope of progress towards ending five months of separatist war in Ukraine.

(c) EurActiv | 26.08.2014

Russia relaxes EU food ban, counts costs

Russia has said its ban on EU food imports will cost it “hundreds of billions of rubles” in subsidies.

(c) EUobserver | 21.08.2014

After food ban, Russia markets shrimp “from Belarus”

Massive fraud is reported after Moscow introduced counter-sanctions, prohibiting the importation of food from Western countries that undertook measures to punish Russia for the annexation of Crimea, and for destabilising eastern Ukraine. For example, shellfish are labelled as hailing from Belarus, even though the country is landlocked.

(c) EurActiv | 20.08.2014

Poland demands WTO challenge over Russia food ban

Poland has made a formal request that the EU take Russia before the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to overturn its ban on EU food and vegetables.

(c) EUobserver | 20.08.2014 

What the leaked EU-Canada trade paper means for TTIP

EU trade negotiators, who like to give as little away as possible, will have been deeply dismayed by the leak of 520 pages of their latest baby: the EU-Canada free trade agreement (Ceta).

(c) EUobserver | 18.08.2014

Merkel sets limits to Nato solidarity with Baltic states

German chancellor Angela Merkel has said Nato will defend Baltic states if need be, but will not build permanent military bases in the region.

(c) EUobserver | 19.08.2014


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