EU calls Nagorno-Karabakh escalation 'unsustainable'

Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh are reported to be bickering about how many of their soldiers had been killed in recent clashes, stoking fears of a wider conflict breaking out in the South Caucasus.

(c) EurActiv | 29.09.2015

EU to impose sanctions on four Burundi officials close to president

The European Union will impose sanctions on four officials close to Burundi's president Pierre Nkurunziza in protest at his third term in office that has provoked a deep political crisis, diplomatic sources said.

(c) Reuters | 28.09.2015

UN Security Council reform back in the limelight

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has met with her Brazilian, Indian and Japanese counterparts to discuss the issue of permanent membership on the UN Security Council.

(c) EurActiv | 28.09.2015

Dutch expected to vote on EU-Ukraine treaty

The Dutch electorate is expected to be given the chance to vote on an EU-Ukraine treaty in a referendum, in what would be the first citizen-enforced plebiscite in the country's history.

(c) EUobserver | 28.09.2015

EU, Russia, Ukraine agree winter gas supply deal

Russia agreed to resume gas supplies to Ukraine over the winter under a deal clinched late Friday (25 September) with the European Union, capping months of difficult talks overshadowed by the Ukrainian conflict.

(c) EurActiv | 28.09.2015

Russia seizes initiative to end Syria crisis

Russia appeared to seize the initiative in international efforts to end the conflict in Syria on Sunday (27 September) as Washington scrambled to devise a new strategy for the war-ravaged country and France sent warplanes to bomb Islamic State targets.

(c) EurActiv | 28.09.2015

Germany seeks leading role in implementing SDGs

This weekend at a UN summit, ambitious new targets for reducing poverty are on the agenda for 2030. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants Germany to be a front runner in the fight against hunger.

(c) EurActiv | 25.09.2015

Funds to fight death penalty spread too thin, say EU auditors

“Modest” EU funding earmarked to fight the death penalty and torture across the world is spread too thinly across too many projects, and is being spent in countries with little hope of reform, the European Court of Auditor has warned.

(c) EurActiv | 24.09.2015

Six member states slash food aid for Syrian refugees

Every member state, except the Netherlands, has slashed contributions to the World Food Progamme (WFP) in 2015. EU leaders at an emergency summit in Brussels on Wednesday (23 September) are being asked to shore up contributions.

(c) EUobserver | 23.09.2015

Refugee crisis triggers meltdown between Serbia and Croatia

In the worst crisis of relations between Serbia and Croatia since the Yugoslav Civil War, European Commission officials are trying to ease tensions between the two countries, following a massive influx of refugees into Croatia.

(c) EurActiv | 23.09.2015


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