U.N. halts Syria talks as government closes in on Aleppo

A United Nations envoy halted his attempts to conduct Syrian peace talks on Wednesday after the army, backed by Russian air strikes, advanced against rebel forces north of Aleppo, choking opposition supply lines from Turkey to the city.

(c) Reuters I 04.02.2016

Britain pledges extra €1.6 billion for Syria before donor conference

Britain pledged on Thursday (4 February) to spend an additional £1.2 billion (€1.6 bln) in aid for Syrians by 2020, seeking to build momentum for a donor conference that the United Nations hopes will raise more than $7 billion (€6.3 bln) for this year alone. 

(c) EurActiv I 04.02.2016

EU approves €3 billion migration fund for Turkey

European Union countries approved yesterday (3 February) funds for Turkey to help refugees and migrants in the country in exchange for Ankara ensuring fewer of them venture out towards Europe.

(c) EurActiv I 04.02.2016

Israeli bulldozers demolish EU-funded buildings

Israeli bulldozers have demolished more than 20 Palestinian buildings in the West Bank, including EU-funded structures, amid mounting European frustration on the peace process.

(c) EUobserver I 03.02.2016

Opinion - Europe’s lonely liberal hegemon

Angela Merkel’s migration policy isn’t driven by morality.

(c) Politico I 03.02.2016

EU wants to see Gazprom contracts with European clients, according to German newspaper

The EU wants to examine the contracts which Gazprom has signed with European companies, amid suspicions that the Russian state energy giant has imposed unfair prices which breach the bloc's trading rules, a German newspaper reported.

(c) EurActiv I 03.02.2016

Poroshenko: Russia keeps sending troops across the border

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko yesterday (1 February) accused Russia of sending troops and weapons into the ex-Soviet state's conflict-torn east, warning that a fragile peace deal was not being fully implemented.

(c) EurActiv I 02.02.2016

EU trade ministers to hold first talks on granting China MES

Trade ministers will air their differences today (2 February) on the tricky issue of granting China market economy status starting in December, which Beijing considers to be ‘automatic’, following its admission to the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

(c) EurActiv I 02.02.2016

US to quadruple military spending in Europe

The US plans to quadruple spending on its military presence in Europe in order to deter Russian aggression, leading US media say.

(c) EUobserver I 02.02.2016

Berlin: 35 square metres of TTIP transparency

German MPs can access the secret texts of the EU-US free trade agreement in a special reading room set up by the ministry of economy under very strict conditions.

(c) EUobserver I 02.01.2016


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