UN calls on European Union to take 200,000 more refugees

The UN high commissioner for refugees has called on the European Union to admit up to 200,000 refugees as part of a mass relocation programme that would be binding on EU states.

(c) The Guardian | 04.09.2015

Russia tells EU to abandon “messianic” project of exporting democracy

A prominent Russian diplomat has called on the EU to abandon his “messianic” project of exporting democracy and instead solve its problems together with Russia, and not at its expense.

(c) EurActiv | 02.09.2015

EU and US condemn Kiev violence

The EU and US have condemned violence in Kiev, which left one policeman dead and hospitalised more than 140 people on Monday (31 August).

(c) EUobserver | 01/09/2015

Security fears prompt fences on EU-Russia border

Russia's kidnapping of an Estonian security officer has, in part, prompted Estonia and Latvia to build fences on the Russia border.

(c) EUobserver | 28.08.2015

Belgrade and Pristina interpret new agreement differently

Not all details of a recent EU-brokered Serbia-Kosovo agreement have been made public, allowing both sides to claim victory and interpret the deal in their own way.

(c) EurActiv | 28.08.2015

Nato ready to help EU navies on Mediterranean migrants

NATO remains ready to help clamp down on migrant smuglers in the Mediterranean, as plans to expand the EU's naval military operation get under way.

(c) EUobserver | 28.08.2015

Gruesome migrant deaths force divided EU to look ahead

A migrant crisis generating is slowly but surely transforming the European Union, which has until now been reluctant to share the burden, and take responsibility.

(c) EurActiv | 28.08.2015

Tiny EU task force set up to counter Russian propaganda

A small group of eight officials in the European External Action Service will engage in efforts to respond to massive Russian propaganda directed both at the home and international audiences.

(c) EurActiv | 28.08.2015

EU's Hahn sees Serbia accession talks soon after Kosovo deal

The EU is set to start accession talks with Serbia very soon, the 28-nation bloc's enlargement commissioner said on Thursday at a Western Balkans summit in Vienna.

(c) Reuters | 27.08.2015

Juncker encourages Poroshenko to continue reforms

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker expressed strong support for his guest, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who arrived in Brussels on Thursday (27 August), encouraging him to continue reforms and fully implement the Minsk agreement.

(c) EurActiv | 27.08.2015


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