Brussels and Moscow prepare for Gazprom fight

Statements by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicate that the EU and Russia are gearing up for a legal battle over Gazprom contracts with a number of member states.

(c) EurActiv | 23.04.2015

EU leaders to declare: 'We cannot take more migrants'

One of the messages the EU heads of state and government are expected to deliver at their extraordinary summit today (23 April) is that the Union cannot absorb any more mass arrivals of migrants, as they risk undermining it economically, and destroying it politically.

(c) EurActiv | 23.04.2015

US trade negotiator 'very disappointed' at European GM food ban

US Trade Representative Michael Froman expressed disappointment on Wednesday (22 April) that the European Commission has decided to let member states have 'opt-outs' on imports of genetically-modified food and feed.

(c) EurActiv | 23.04.2015

EU leaders to consider military crackdown on Libya human traffickers

EU leaders gathering in Brussels today (23 April) will consider launching a military operation against human traffickers in Libya, held responsible for the deaths of thousands of migrants this year in the Mediterranean, a draft statement showed.

(c) EurActiv | 23.04.2015

Opinion: When words speak louder than guns

Russia has taken this to heart in spinning its narrative surrounding the Ukraine crisis, leaving Europe at a loss on how to counter Moscow’s relentless propaganda campaign.

(c) EUobserver | 23.04.2015

Opinion: Facing the EU's migrant crisis

Almost every day, new reports emerge detailing the skyrocketing numbers of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. In the first three months of 2015, more than 31,500 people have made the crossing to Italy and Greece alone, with a death toll of over 1800.

(c) EUobserver| 23.04.2015

Thaci dispute highlights bad will in Serbia relations

A dispute over the Kosovo FM’s visit to Belgrade has exposed bad feeling in Kosovo-Serb and EU-Serb relations.

(c) EUobserver | 22.04.2015

No quick solution to migrant crisis, says African Union

The head of the African Union commission on Wednesday (22 April) said quick solutions to the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean do not exist.

(c) EUobserver | 22.04.2015

EU to 'capture and destroy' migrant traffickers' boats

EU leaders at a summit on Thursday (23 April) are to ask foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to look into setting up a defence mission that would "identify, capture and destroy vessels" before they are used by human traffickers to bring migrants across the Mediterranean Sea.

(c) EUobserver | 22.04.2015

Never again. Until next time

The EU's call to action after the death of 700 migrants at sea is unlikely to lead to any breakthrough that solves the problem.

(c) Politico | 21.04.2015